Let's Set Some Records at the Polls in April!

March 6, 2018 11:51 AM

I Voted Stickers

The City of Madison voter turnout in the February 2018 primary was higher than any other non-presidential February primary we've had in the city.  We had 29.4% turnout on February 20, with 42,716 ballots counted, plus 12 provisional ballots counted by the Board of Canvassers after Election Day.  The majority of the city only had one office on the ballot (Supreme Court).  The only other non-presidential February primary to come close to our 2018 turnout was the primary for both Mayor and County Executive in 1997, when we had 26% turnout with 42,483 ballots counted.

Absentee voting for the April 3 election gets underway throughout the City on Monday, March 12.  You can get more information from the City of Madison Clerk's Office. Let's continue to set voter turnout records!


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