A City That is Well Prepared

January 7, 2014 1:26 PM

I was a guest on CNBC today.  The anchors wanted to talk about how Madison is dealing with the cold temperatures.  My response; we are well prepared, this is why we pay taxes.   Here is the link.


I can not thank our City staff enough.  From Madison Metro staff who are providing 'warming buses' at transfer sites and making sure homeless can get from overnight shelters to day shelters, to police officers and fire fighters going the extra mile, and Streets department employees braving the cold to continue their work and Water Utility employees who are inundated with main breaks, the list is endless. 

Our recycling and trash are being collected, our parks are open including ice skating, sledding hills and other recreational activities, our buses are running and our citizens are safe.

But as I told the CNBC reporters, this is why we pay taxes.  We have great city services and great employees.

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