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March 12, 2014 4:30 PM

After reading Todd Milewski's article in the Capital Times "Construction industry sees jobs surge in Madison area," I had the following question for city planning staff:

Q: Is it possible to extrapolate Madison MSA (Dane, Columbia and Iowa Counties) data from the rest of the state and what would the state's numbers look like without Madison's?
Planning Staff's response: From 2010 – 2013, Madison MSA (Dane, Columbia and Iowa Counties) saw a 20.3% change in growth in private sector construction jobs compared to the 1.6% change in growth for the remainder of Wisconsin.

Image of Graph












Furthermore, of the 3,938 jobs created in Wisconsin, 2,509 of these jobs were located in the Madison MSA and the remaining 1,429 jobs were spread throughout the rest of Wisconsin.

Image of Construction Job Growth













It is exciting to see that the Madison MSA is experiencing a boom in construction. Not only does this growth provide more construction jobs for our communities, but it also means more growth in our tax base. And, perhaps, even more importantly, there will be more jobs opportunities once construction is completed and restaurants, stores, and offices, to name a few, open for business in the Madison MSA.

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