Mad Women on Tap

May 14, 2014 3:40 PM

I hope you were able to stop by at the Madison Water Utility's Open House last weekend. Our very own Mad Women on Tap were demonstrating their expertise in pipe tapping.

Madison Water Utility's women's tapping team was the first ever women's pipe tapping team in the state when it formed last year. They of course, won the state women's title at last fall's WWA conference. However, they had to turn in a competitive time to qualify for Nationals in Boston, which they did.

So the Wisconsin Water Association is sending them along with our men's team (Mad City Tappers, who also won state) to represent Wisconsin at the AWWA conference Jun 8-13. Both teams will compete against teams from all over the country.

And Madison's water will also be competing in the national best tasting water competition. AND our pump operators will represent Wisconsin in the national Tops Ops competition after winning state this year!

Take a look at our women in action!


The team members who demonstrated their talents on Saturday were Amy Robb, Rene Puzach and Kara Jafferis with a little encouragement from Bob Kempfer a member of the men's team. Lori Suiter is also part of the Women's team but was unable to be there last weekend. None of these women work in the field so they have put in a lot of training time! Best of luck to both teams in Boston next month!


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