Keep "turning" on East Johnson

July 17, 2014 9:15 AM

I really enjoyed my recent walk down East Johnson Street with neighborhood residents and Alderwoman Zellers. We had a great time talking with the employees and owners of area businesses including The Caribou, Dog Haus University and numerous restaurants. Despite the construction on East Johnson Street, the local businesses are as vibrant and unique as always. To show our support and appreciation for these businesses, my wife and I plan to make 20 purchases on East Johnson Street for the 20 weeks of construction. Just last week I stopped into U Frame It and had a newspaper article prepared for framing. Then there was the purchase of a crystal for our oldest daughter at Burnie's Rock Shop. I would encourage Madison residents to make a similar pledge and to continue "turning" on East Johnson to support their favorite local business. Hopefully I will see you there!


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