Concealed Carry

October 31, 2011 4:44 PM

Get used to seeing a new sign as you enter any city building in Madison. The signs will indicate that you are not allowed to carry a firearm into any City of Madison building. The new State Concealed Carry law goes into effect on November 1st. In preparation for this day, city staff have been working to put guidelines into place to announce the restriction regarding firearms in city buildings, on city property and on Madison Metro buses.

It is no secret that this law is bad public policy. Citizens do not need to carry guns. However, the legislature and this Governor disagree, so we need to make sure that city employees and residents can feel safe and comfortable in city buildings. The same restrictions apply to bus shelters, transfer stations and park shelters.

As Madison residents, you too are able to post a sign at your home. Apartment and condo residents need to post for their individual units, but a building owner can post that weapons are prohibited in the common areas. Business owners are also able to post signs.

You can purchase a sign from the City Clerk's Office, or download it from the city website at . You can also find additional information on the website including Frequently Asked Questions about the new law and how Madison is affected.


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