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December 19, 2011 12:49 PM

A well known on-line store is apparently asking customers going into brick and mortar stores to use the company's smart phone price-check app to receive a discount on a product that could have been purchased in the local store. It's a great reminder that although we all want to save money when we can during the holidays and beyond, we need to support our local businesses.

There are a number of promotions in Madison to do just that and I encourage you to participate. Remember this past summer when so many people worked together to shop and eat at establishments on Willy Street to support business during the construction? We can, and should do it again and expand our efforts to other neighborhoods as well.

Consider the stores on State Street, Willy Street, Monroe, Atwood and others. They are destinations for thousands all year round. You can find unique items and get to know the shop owner and employees who may very well be your neighbors. Those neighborhoods and store fronts have been redeveloped at great expense and are a source of pride for Madison. We need those stores, boutiques and restaurants to provide the unique character and charm of which we are proud.

Part of the distinctive character of State Street and others is a result of the restrictions on the size of the businesses. The stores are more narrow and chain stores generally don't consider them, as they are too small. It's a character of the street that I support and appreciate. It is part of what makes Madison special. If we don't support those stores though, now and year around, they won't be here to appreciate.

Join me in taking some time away from the computer and heading out to businesses that are uniquely Madison. You won't be disappointed!



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