Swim Graduation Celebration at Goodman Pool

August 21, 2014 3:22 PM

This year the Madison Parks Goodman Pool paired up with their long time partners The Shelley Glover Sports Education Foundation (SGSEF) and the Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Foundation to fund another amazing program for Madison youth. Over 200 of The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County summer program participants were able to partake in swimming lessons. Without the hard work and thoughtfulness of these incredible organizations and many staff, this opportunity may not have been possible!

Living in a city with many lakes and beaches it is imperative that children learn the importance of water safety and are confident in and around the water without having to accrue a cost for lessons. Every year the SGSEF and the Goodman Foundation provide scholarships to children and families in the Madison community. This year they wanted to be sure that not only was cost not a deciding factor, but that transportation would not be either. All of the children received free lessons, were fitted for and received swimsuits and goggles as part of the program (courtesy of Simply Swimming), AND were transported to lessons.

Each of the Boys and Girls Club youth were able to take 16 swimming lessons, most of which were at the Goodman Pool. Some lessons took place at various City of Madison Parks beaches to be sure that the children were able to practice water safety in a variety of settings. I am proud to say that the swim class graduated! They celebrated their accomplishment last Friday at the Goodman Pool. Check out pictures of the event below.

Congratulations to the Shelley Glover Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, Goodman Foundation, Simply Swimming, Goodman Pool staff and, of course, all of the graduates on a job well done!




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