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What a Great Weekend

August 26, 2014 4:13 PM

What a great weekend in Madison! On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend three amazing community events. I started my day at the US Cellular Neighborhood Pavement Painting Project in the Allied Drive neighborhood.  Here I joined US Cellular Staff, City of Madison Staff, Alder Cheeks, the Boys and Girls Club, and many community members to paint the first of four street murals in the City of Madison. The project brought neighborhood residents of all backgrounds together for an afternoon of fun.  Madison Art's Program Administrator Karin Wolf said it well:  "There's something that just warms my heart about seeing all different people, all different races, all different artistic abilities being able to create something together".

Next, I headed to Penn Park for the 13th annual Freedom Inc. Freedom Health Day.  This event brings together a diverse group of children, youth, and elders alike for a 5K walk and games.  I was so impressed by the camaraderie of this community. It was a great opportunity for me to engage with these residents. I will continue to admire the strength and determination of my fellow Madisonians who I had the pleasure of meeting on Saturday.

I finished off my afternoon with a visit to the Simpson Street Reunion Celebration. I was honored to be invited to take part in the festivities of the day. The former Simpson Street acts as a prime example of the unbreakable bonds that can form between neighbors. I can say with confidence that the Simpson Street community truly is a family!

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