New 'dos for Madison Police and Fire Chiefs!

September 19, 2014 4:44 PM

Those of you who attended or tuned in for the Common Council meeting on Tuesday might have noticed something funny on top of Chief Koval's head: a rainbow-colored clown wig. Sitting beside him, Chief Davis sported a new buzz cut.

Every year the Rainbow Project of Madison, a non-profit that provides services to children and families encountering stress from domestic violence, neglect, or other traumatic experiences, holds their "Rhumba 4 Rainbow" salsa dancing fundraiser. This year, they raised the stakes on the dance competition, with an added bet between Chief Koval and Chief Davis. Detective Gloria Reyes, representing the Madison Police Department, and Fire Fighters Local 311 President Mahlon Mitchell, representing the Madison Fire Department, squared off in the dancing competition. The Chief of the losing department would have to sport a new 'do.  Chief Davis would have his head shaved in front of the crowd and Chief Koval would proudly wear a rainbow-colored wig at the next Council meeting. Mahlon swept away the crowd with his dance moves and won the competition for the Fire Department. Chief Davis did not simply accept his victory; instead, he challenged the crowd to raise an additional $500 for the Rainbow Project. If they met the goal, he would shave his head.  The crowd pulled together and raised over $900! As promised, Chief Koval valiantly wore a rainbow wig at Tuesday's Council meeting.

Job well done Madison Police and Fire! Way to work for a great cause!

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