Watch Madison on C-SPAN this Weekend

November 14, 2014 2:29 PM

Don't forget to watch Madison on C-SPAN this weekend. You may recall their visit as part of the C-SPAN Cities Tour, where Producer Debbie Lamb spent time exploring Madison and learning about its history. The production will include segments on Madison's early years and some of its notable figures. We see it all come together this Saturday and Sunday, November 15th-16th!

You will be able to learn about the settlement of American Indians in our area, the birth of the Progressive Movement with Senator Bob LaFollette and about the Anti-war protests during the Viet Nam war.  Some of the featured local authors include David Maraniss, John Nichols and Susan Riseling.  We live in a city with a rich history and this is a great opportunity to learn more about it. The segments will also be featured on

Programming Information:

Book TV Block: Saturday, November 15 at 11am CT/12pm ET on C-SPAN2 (Charter channels 76 and 997, and 742 in HD)

American History TV Block: Sunday, November 16 at 1pm CT/2pm ET on C-SPAN3 (Charter channels 88 and 996, and 743 in HD)

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