Honoring Simpson Street

November 20, 2014 9:30 AM

Many of you may be familiar with Lake Point Drive, which is commonly known to neighbors by its former title of Simpson Street, named after a long term resident of Madison's Southside, Homer V. Simpson. Recently, Alder John Strasser and I joined the neighbors to officially recognize the Simpson Street moniker.

It all started when the dedicated community, proud of their Simpson Street roots, started to circulate a petition to change the name back. Alder Strasser noticed how often the neighborhood referred to Lake Point Drive as Simpson Street and decided to lead the effort. The City agreed to recognize the street with an Honorary "Homer V. Simpson Way" sign. I think it is worth noting that Madison's Homer Simpson was the first Homer Simpson!

This sign recognizes the progress the neighborhood has made and acts as a symbol of the camaraderie of the Simpson Street community!

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