PulsePoint Saves Lives

February 9, 2015 2:57 PM

You may have heard about the new app recently launched in a collaborative effort between Madison Fire Department, Meriter Hospital, Dane County, and the City of Madison. It is a lifesaver, literally!

You can learn all of the details here, but basically"PulsePoint" is an app that connects ordinary citizens who have been trained in CPR and defibrillation with individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest in their area, while emergency teams are in route.

So how does it work? Those who are trained in emergency response and willing to assist can download the app and enter in their certification information. When emergency responders have been called to a cardiac emergency in a public place, the dispatch system uses location technology to alert the app users that somebody nearby is in need of help. Additionally, it directs the citizen responder to the closest Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

When you consider that 50% of adults report that they have been trained in CPR and would be willing to help in an emergency, and only 11% say they have, "PulsePoint" bridges a clear gap. To learn more visit the PulsePoint website at: http://www.pulsepoint.org/ . To sign up as a trained citizen responder, download the PulsePoint app on your smart phone today!


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