Yes It is Late March and Yes the Plows are Out!

March 23, 2015 11:56 AM

I know how frustrating it was to wake up this morning to, in some places in the city, over 4 inches of snow.  And while we also know the temperatures are expected to rise during the week, the Streets Department had plows out throughout the night.  I wanted to share the Streets notice regarding plowing to give you a better understanding of why the decision was made to embark on what is hopefully the last plow of this season.

Over four inches of snow has fallen on the west side of Madison and the east side has received just over two and one half inches. The Streets Division will be plowing all residential streets today. The decision to plow was based upon the amount of snow that has fallen, the fact that the wet, heavy snow is subject to being packed down. Rain is in the forecast which could turn the packed snow to ice creating hazardous driving conditions.

Warmer temperatures are in the forecast which will melt off this snow. However, the short term hazards were deemed serious enough to warrant plowing. Plowing will also improve drainage of the melting snow and rain.

Alternate side parking rules are not in effect. A snow emergency will not be declared.


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