Another Sign that Spring is Here

March 27, 2015 5:05 PM

This pile of debris is about 15 feet high.  It is what is collected in one night by City of Madison street sweepers!

It is another sign that spring is here, the sweepers are out each night, five on the West side of the city and four on the East side.  This debris is what has collected over the winter months and by sweeping it up, the City prevents it from going to the storm sewers and then the lakes.

Debris collected by Madison street sweepers

Streets employees do the sweeping at night to better avoid traffic and ensure a more efficient process.  You may recall that some years it is warm enough by late March and early April that windows are open, so the noise is more apparent.  This year, that has not been much of a problem!

More signs that warmer weather will soon be here:  the City's yard waste drop off sites open for the season March 28, and annual brush, leaf and yard waste collection begins on Monday, April 6.  You can get details at the Streets Department website.






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