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June 24, 2015 1:47 PM

Even though there was some dodging of raindrops, there was a great turnout for the Juneteenth festivities at Olin Turville Park this year!  As many of you know, Juneteenth is a day dedicated to reflection on, and appreciation for, the African American experience.

Juneteenth Celebration

Mounted patrol at Juneteenth celebration

The celebration, which brought out some R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Gospel music to be enjoyed with barbecue ribs, chicken, brats, and burgers on the grill, did not disappoint!  Families and teens enjoyed a children's area, teen tents and educational opportunities as well as a visit from the Madison Fire Department and the Madison Police Department's mounted patrol, who came out to meet and engage with community members.

Juneteenth Celebration

Juneteenth continues to be a very important celebration of African American culture and a strong symbol of appreciation and inclusion of all Madisonians, regardless of race or ethnicity.

My thanks to the many volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible!

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