Our Bloomberg Challenge

July 31, 2012 1:26 PM

It is not every day that a city has an opportunity to vie for a $5 million prize as it works to improve the lives of its citizens, but that is what New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has recently announced. 

Mayor Bloomberg has unveiled his Mayor's Challenge. Through his foundation, he is searching for innovative local solutions to national problems. He developed the Challenge to celebrate creative problem-solving through innovation that's happening in cities from coast to coast. The top five "greatest potential" ideas from cities across America will win funding from Mayor Bloomberg's foundation. One project will be awarded $5 million. Four others will win $1 million each.  I am predicting that Madison will win the challenge!

I ask you to log on, learn more, and share your ideas.


There are hundreds of cities involved in the Challenge and not surprisingly, in a recent conference call, very little information was shared on specifics of proposals.  No one wants to tip his or her hand!  We do know there are some directives from the Bloomberg foundation, including that the ideas should address serious social or economic problems, improve customer service, enhance accountability, and/or create efficiencies in government.  Also, Mayor Bloomberg asks that the proposals can be duplicated, so if we have a great idea for Madison, the citizens of Nashville or Seattle can implement the project or plan.

In these very tight fiscal times, the additional funding would be a great way to assist the City as we face a number of challenges. I am asking you to share your ideas. No one is more innovative than the citizens of Madison and I am confident we will see many outstanding proposals. I look forward to hearing from you!

I am excited about this contest, and although there is a tight turnaround schedule, August 9th for the submissions, I am confident we will get some great ideas.  I look forward to keeping you abreast of our progress!

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