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Back by popular demand-Meet and Eat in Meadowood

August 23, 2012 9:33 AM

I hope by now you are familiar with Madison Meet and Eat, a unique event that brings a collective of Madison's food cart vendors to the Meadowood neighborhood on Madison's Southwest side. 

For a sequence of four Thursdays, hundreds of people have walked, biked, and driven to what has been an empty lot near the Meadowood Shopping Center on Raymond Road, for excellent and eclectic food along with fellowship with friends and neighbors. The event runs from 5:00-7:30 p.m.

The number of people who have attended the event, many week after week, has amazed me.  It has also been very heartening to talk to so many people who have told me how much they have enjoyed the opportunity and asked if it could continue.

With those requests in mind and with the support of vendors and City staff, Meet and Eat has been extended into the fall.  Although rain resulted in the cancelation of the event on   August 9, join us this evening, the 23rd and then on September 6th and 20th.

We will work hard to get the word out so we can continue this new tradition.  Please take the opportunity to purchase and enjoy delicious and diverse menu items while visiting with other Madisonians.

From empanadas and Tai food to bubble tea, kettle corn, stir-fry and smoothies there is something for everyone at Meet and Eat.

Stay tuned for Madison Meet and Eat 2013 as we are working to expand to another part of the city.

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