Proterra Electric Buses

July 2, 2015 2:04 PM

You may have seen an interesting vehicle on the streets of Madison recently. This vehicle is a Proterra Electric Bus.

Proterra Electric Buses

These buses have many benefits. Beyond being more fuel efficient, they have zero emissions.  Compared to regular diesel buses, these electric buses reduce pollution emissions by 146,400 pounds annually. These buses also have 30 percent fewer parts than Metro's current buses. This would save Metro Transit $135,000 in maintenance costs over the life span of the bus. Additionally, Proterra describes the buses as whisper quiet!

Inside Proterra Electric Bus

As you can see here, the buses yield similar comforts on the inside, holding a maximum of 70 passengers with 40 seated and 37 standing!

While public transportation in itself has a profound impact on reducing emissions and environmental impact, vehicles like this up the ante. There are no immediate plans to bring these types of buses into Metro's bus fleet, but staff are excited to be reviewing this type of technology and hope to introduce this type of environmentally-friendly vehicle sometime in the future!

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