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Chris Farley Day

August 10, 2015 11:32 AM

Happy Chris Farley Day Madison!

This weekend the Farley family joined hundreds of friends and fans at the Orpheum Theatre for a screening of the documentary on comedian, and Madisonian, Chris Farley. The documentary, "I am Chris Farley", offers a look into Chris Farley's early years growing up in Madison and his later years as his love for laughter brought him into the entertainment industry. Following the screening, the Farley family shared many memories of Chris and looked back on his short, but iconic career. Katie Crawley of my staff was able to deliver my proclamation declaring today, August 10, 2015, Chris Farley Day in Madison.

The documentary premieres tonight at 8 pm on Spike TV, preceded by a Chris Farley marathon in honor of Chris Farley Day, both on Spike TV and in Madison!

Thank you to the Farley family and Spike TV for their gracious welcome.

Proclamation Presentation

Photo Credit: Frank Byrne

Chris Farley Day Mayoral Proclamation

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