Madison Metro's Hero Driver

August 10, 2015 3:35 PM

Many of you may have heard about the Madison Metro Bus Driver, Tim Homann, who rescued a toddler from a busy street last week. Tim, a Metro bus driver of 18 years, was driving his usual route when he spotted a small toddler standing alone in the street near a parked car. Tim immediately pulled to the side and approached the toddler, asked her if he could pick her up and carried her out of the roadway, eventually locating her worried father. Had Tim not intervened, there could have been a very tragic ending to this story. People like Tim who are vigilant to their community in performing their everyday work continue to make Madison such a great place to live, work, and play.

Thank you for all that you do Tim!

See Tim in the news by clicking on the image below:

Tim Homann

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