Updraft: Brittingham Gardens Placemaking Project

August 20, 2015 4:55 PM

Brittingham Park is making a comeback. It's taking on a life of its own. The new community garden, Operation Fresh Start's work to reclaim the shoreline from invasive species, the Disability Pride Festival, volunteer shoreline clean ups, increasing use for athletic teams, and the dramatic presence of Brittingham Boats have all made the park safer and more lively.

Together, they set the stage for Updraft, a placemaking project at the site of the community garden. Calling on the extraordinary skills of artist Mike Burns, www.mbmetalworks.com/ the project will include the creation of an open arch, artisan made benches, and an ornamental garden fence. Designed to model the possibilities of integrating public art and community gardens in urban parks, continue Brittingham Park's forward motion, and increase neighborhood cohesion, the project portrays leaves caught in an updraft, a theme suggested by park users and gardeners because they identify the garden space with wind, waves, and motion of people and bikes along the bike path.

Brittingham Park Garden Vision

Brittingham Bench Vision

Next week, on Wednesday, August 26, from noon- 8 PM, Brittingham Boats joins a long list of project supporters by hosting a public fundraising event for Updraft called Paddle for the Park and Ice Cream Boat Float.  Artist Mike Burns will be present from 4-7 PM to talk with people about the project, and a full-scale model will be on site. Ice cream, paddleboard relay racing, a raffle, great art, and good friends – what more could anyone want? See the flyer here!

Learn more about Updraft on Facebook at Brittingham Garden Placemaking Project:



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