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Olbrich Gardens "Corpse Flower"

August 31, 2015 4:37 PM

Olbrich Gardens had hundreds of additional visitors over the weekend as Son of Bucky, a titan arum, more commonly known as a corpse flower came into full bloom.

Olbrich visitors admiring the "corpse flower"

In the tropics, like the plant's native country Sumatra, the smell attracts beetles and flies which pollinate the flowers and enable them to reproduce. The Olbrich flower is an offspring of Big Bucky, which is housed in the UW Madison botany department. 

Corpse Flower

According to Olbrich 's Director, Roberta Sladky the plant was in full bloom and incredibly fragrant Friday evening.  Sladky was back at Olbrich on Saturday explaining the plant and its significance to a long line of visitors who came in to see it.  Many stayed to take a look at the other beautiful plants at Olbrich, both inside and out.  If you haven't had a chance to visit the beautiful gardens lately, make sure you stop by soon.  With or without Son of Bucky, the gardens are a treasure in our city.

Roberta Sladky explaining the plant

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