The Greening of Monroe Street

October 9, 2015 10:59 AM

Don't forget to head over to the Monroe Street Festival this Saturday, October 10th! This year the long-running Monroe Street Festival will highlight a new initiative focused on green urbanism, including street design and overall infrastructure. The initiative, called "The Greening of Monroe Street", will transform the area into an "eco district" by featuring ten different stations that offer a look into different approaches to green urbanism. The stations will include landscaped pop-up parks, zero waste stations, educational materials, tours along the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Nature and History Trail, and much more!

This year's initiative presents an opportunity to remember the importance of considering sustainability and the environment, even in urban areas, to protect the natural areas we know and love.

To view the "Green Passport" and see what will be happening at each of the ten stations, click on the link below:

To learn more about the initiative follow the link below:

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