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The Hurling Club of Madison Wins a National Title!

October 16, 2015 11:52 AM

It was great to meet members of the Hurling Club of Madison today and admire their new trophy as they have recently brought a national title to the City.  Hurling happens to be the national sport of Ireland and it is an awesome sport to watch. A layperson like me can tell you that it involves a lot of running, a small sturdy ball, a bat-type wooden device, helmets and very little padding on the rest of the player's bodies.  I truly admire their stamina and athleticism!

Madison Hurling Club

Pictured from left to right, Ben Bares, Conner Jones, Matt Daley, Mayor Soglin, Bill Jones, Craig Wagner, Owen Wagner

The Madison team outlasted 14 clubs vying for the title at their level.  At the recent Chicago tournament, they defeated teams from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maine and then went on to claim victory in the championship game against a team from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Congrats to the Hurling Club of Madison!

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