Madison's First Equitable Workforce Plan

January 15, 2016 2:51 PM

Following recent Common Council action, the City's first Equitable Workforce Plan is going into effect.  This plan, which replaces the Affirmative Action Plan, intends to expand the City's efforts beyond simply meeting workforce goals, in order to create an environment where all employees can thrive.

 I agree with  Jason Glozier of the Department of Civil Rights who said, "In order to truly achieve equity in our community, the City needs to stand up as a model employer. This plan is a collaborative effort by departments to identify the core barriers to equity within recruitment, hiring, and workplace culture."

Our staff has worked incredibly hard on developing the Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative and it is great to see it being utilized. As we ask other employers throughout the area to be more inclusive in hiring and promoting, it is my hope that the City can lead the way.  I look forward to working with Madison's Racial Equity Coordinator Toriana Pettaway as she leads the way on internal city operations.  Using the Racial Equity and Social Justice toolkit as we analyze our own practices, we can make an impactful difference in hiring and policy decisions.

When the Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative was developed, one key component was addressing equity within city operations.  This plan is a first step at addressing inequities within our workforce, and does so through several mechanisms.  The first is the allowance for departments to tailor their hiring goals to meet their needs.  This is an attempt to better support departments in filling positions underutilized by women and people of color.  The second important change is the inclusion of additional data sets  and beyond hiring goals.  Identifying where gaps exist in the pipelines to employment will give departments the ability to develop the means to build pathways to employment for specialized positions.

Beginning this year the city will track efforts to meet equity goals set forth in the Racial Equity and Social Justice report in addition to the information collected to comply with Affirmative Action Requirements.


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