Madison Unpaid Ticket Resolution Day

March 11, 2016 3:46 PM

On Sunday, March 12 Madison will have its first ever Unpaid Ticket Resolution Day.  This is a great opportunity for local residents who are facing multiple fines and tickets to meet with staff from the Madison City Attorney's office as well as local police officers to come up with an alternative plan to pay off debt.  A couple options that may be considered include working out a payment plan or getting some fines reduced.

In 2015 the City of Madison towed more than 200 vehicles for high parking fines. Don't let that be you, come to Madison's Unpaid Ticket Resolution Day

Event Address: Villager Mall -- Head Start Room

2206 S. Park St., Madison, WI


Questions? Contact City Attorney's Office at 608-266-4511

 Police Chief Mike Koval stresses that there are other parameters of the program that should be noted:

~This day will NOT be for anyone with concerns or questions about criminal charges, family law issues (i.e., child support, etc.), or small claims.

~Individuals with citations must appear in person or by an attorney.  Family members are not allowed to appear on someone else's behalf.

~Assistant City Attorneys can give information on citations or direct individuals where to go with their questions but cannot provide legal advice.

~This is an opportunity for individuals with outstanding forfeitures to possibly reopen citations and potentially get forfeiture reductions and/or payment plans and/or community service in order to pay off forfeitures.  The City Attorney's Office will not be reopening cases to set them for trial and re-litigate the facts.  Individuals who are currently on payment plans with the Madison Municipal Court may request to modify their payment plan or add new forfeitures to that payment plan.

~Standard $40 reopening fee will be waived.

This is the first time this outreach effort is being attempted, but I am grateful to the Police Department and City Attorney's office for their efforts and hope it is a huge success.

Event Address: Villager Mall -- Head Start Room

Your word is your bond, no photo ID required, no warrant checks.

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