Tag: Transportation

February 11, 2019 11:39 AM

I wanted to share the message below from our Streets Division regarding the unprecedented streets treatment going on today on residential streets in the City. These decisions are made after much study and discussion. The weather we have been experiencing, and will continue to experience has … [read more]

December 10, 2018 10:54 AM

I hope you are able to join us on Thursday December 13 from 6:30-8:30 for a discussion on Madison’s transportation system. We will have three City managers presenting their efforts in a safer, more sustainable and equitable transportation system here in Madison. Associate Professor Asli … [read more]

September 27, 2018 3:41 PM

I am pleased to share the press release below from the Institute of Transportation Engineers. The City of Madison Smart City Initiative received the Transportation Achievement Award for Planning at the Joint ITE International and Midwestern/Great Lakes Districts Annual Meeting and Exhibit, … [read more]

June 22, 2018 2:35 PM

The next time you see a City of Madison fire truck, garbage truck, dump truck or any other diesel equipment, know that it's running much cleaner today than ever before. Since April 2018, Madison has introduced biodiesel to power most of the vehicle and equipment fleet in support of the … [read more]

December 14, 2017 4:15 PM

The City wants your opinion on the priorities for Madison and how our community can be improved for everyone. The City of Madison is currently updating the Comprehensive Plan through a process called Imagine Madison. The Plan update includes policies related to housing, transportation, racial … [read more]

July 24, 2017 3:47 PM

We all know how frustrating construction projects can be while they are ongoing, but I think we can also agree that the finished project is worth the temporary inconvenience. The most recent completed project, the Capitol Square, here in downtown Madison was finished, in fact, weeks ahead of … [read more]

February 24, 2017 3:05 PM

There is no question there is too much salt used, not only on our roads, but on sidewalks and parking lots and other solid surfaces in Madison, Dane County and the entire State of Wisconsin. Because of snow and ice, we are accustomed to thinking that impressive salt use is the way to … [read more]

February 16, 2017 9:12 AM

Madisonians, check out the 2017 Bus Lines Bilingual Poetry Contest. Your writings could appear on Madison Metro promotional materials, or even on the exterior of a bus! Metro Transit and Madison’s Poet Laureate invite you to send short poems, haiku, prose poems, or excerpts from longer poems, … [read more]

November 29, 2016 12:44 PM

Perhaps by now you have heard of Imagine Madison. It is a public-listening campaign designed to elicit the opinions of Madison residents regarding impactful community issues. A primary goal of Imagine Madison is to reach, listen to, and record the ideas of a broad and diverse cross section of the … [read more]

October 7, 2016 3:16 PM

The City of Madison invites you to submit nominations for its annual Jeffrey Clay Erlanger Civility in Public Discourse Award. Do you know anyone who shares Jeff Erlanger's dedication to and passion for public policy development, civility, individual and human rights and who conducts their daily … [read more]

February 19, 2016 5:46 PM

The City of Madison has submitted the grant for the U.S. Department of Transportation's Smart City Challenge! You may recall that the challenge asked mid-sized cities to collect ideas from residents for a smart transportation future. The winning city receives a $50 million prize to start their … [read more]

January 13, 2016 3:27 PM

I am delighted that the State Assembly passed an Assembly Joint Resolution congratulating the City of Madison on our recent achievement of Platinum status as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. We appreciate the recognition from our State Representatives! Special … [read more]

January 8, 2016 3:47 PM

How should Madison design its future smart transportation system? How will we use smart transportation technology to get around? Those are the questions we are asking you to respond to so we can better prepare our proposal for the $50 million Smart Cities Challenge. The Smart Cities … [read more]

December 3, 2015 3:39 PM

You might have spotted New Flyer’s Electric Bus around Madison and through the UW campus this week! They stopped by to demonstrate their electric bus to Metro Transit staff. A few members of other City agencies were lucky enough to go along for a ride. Staff noted that they were remarkably quiet … [read more]

November 17, 2015 3:46 PM

I am pleased to announce that the City of Madison has reached Platinum status as a bicycle friendly community from the League of American Bicyclists; platinum status is the highest rank and is shared by only 4 other cities! Madison is the first city to join the Platinum ranking since … [read more]

July 2, 2015 2:04 PM

You may have seen an interesting vehicle on the streets of Madison recently. This vehicle is a Proterra Electric Bus. These buses have many benefits. Beyond being more fuel efficient, they have zero emissions. Compared to regular diesel buses, these electric buses reduce pollution … [read more]

June 9, 2015 5:01 PM

Operation Lifesaver is a public education program first established in 1972 to end collisions, deaths and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights-of-way. I am pleased that Common Council President Denise DeMarb was able to join staff from Wisconsin and Southern Railroad, … [read more]