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AppsMetro App Developers Receive Metro's First
Community Partnership Award

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Metro's General Manager
Chuck Kamp and the Madison Transit and Parking Commission
presented Metro's first Community Partnership Award to the
developers who created smartphone and other computer applications that provide real-time bus arrival information to
Metro passengers.

Metro recognized Greg Tracy who took Metro's real-time data and
converted to a more usable form for smartphone and other real-time arrival applications.

Tracy also created a Metro Monitor Link Maker that allows anyone with a monitor and online access to create a real-time bus arrival kiosk for their home, school or business.

Also recognized was Aleksandr Dobkin, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin who developed BusRadar-Madison app for Android users. Dobkin, who has pledged to continue to support this important Metro application, has recently moved from Madison and is now employed by Google.

Brad Leege, Bryan Shelton and Nick Weaver of the University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology, developers of the popular Mobile UW app, were also presented with the award.

Mobile UW bus arrival information is now also featured in a recently released online map of the University of Wisconsin campus.

Metro credits these app developers for their assistance in realizing many achievements in 2011 including a record breaking ridership as well as being the recepient of the American Public Transportation System's (APTA) 2012 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award.

Metro has also experienced a reduction in printing costs and seen a helpful shifts in its customer service center phone center traffic as a direct result of these apps.

Developers were presented with Community Partnership Award plaques in recognition and appreciation for efforts in exploring more convenient and cost effective and environmentally-friendly means of providing Metro Transit schedule information.

On behalf of staff and all users of these mobile applications, Metro would like to say "thank you" to these important community partners.

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If you have an application you would like staff to review or would like more information on using Metro's transit data, visit:

Metro Transit: (608) 266-4466; E-mail: