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Routes 14 and 15 have been updated on both east and
west side of service areas.

West Service Area

  • Route 14 will no longer operate on Sheboygan Ave. (See Route 10 for Sheboygan Ave. service.)

  • Route 15 will not operate in the commute direction on Sheboygan Ave. (See Route 10.)

Note: Route 15 WILL continue to operate on Sheboygan Ave. in the non-commute direction during peak hours, as well as during middays and evenings.


East Service Area

  • Routes 14 and 15 will serve the East Transfer Point at 15-minute intervals during AM and PM peak hours.

  • Route 14 service area has been shortened. Use expanded Route 33 to complete current Route 14 trips to far east side of town.

  • Route 15 service area has been shortened. Use new Route 35 to complete current Route 15 trips to far east side of town.


Print Schedules: Route 14 (PDF) | Route 15 (PDF)

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