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Route 18

Improvements have been made to Route 18
to help keep the schedule on time.

After hearing customer comments at a public hearing in April, it was decided that service would NOT be removed from Crescent Rd. and
Red Arrow Trl.

Instead, trips have been scheduled every 40 minutes between the West Transfer Point and South Transfer Point between 4 PM
and 6 PM.

This compares to trips currently leaving every 30 minutes. This schedule also involves 1 LESS trip in both directions between 4 PM
and 6 PM.

As a result of this change, customers will not be able to make all*
transfers at transfer points between 4 PM and 6 PM.

*some transfers will still be able to be made at the West Transfer Point

Print 18 Schedule (PDF)

Route 40

On weekdays, Route 40 will offer more efficient service to the South Transfer Point from the Greenway Dr. and Coho areas. Makes up for weekday service to the Coho area previously offered on Route 18. (This change does NOT affect Route 40 schedules on weeknights, weekends, or holidays. Route 18 will also remain on Coho during these times.)

Print 40 Schedule (PDF)

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