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2012 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award

Environmental Sustainability

Using stimulus funding, Metro purchased 14 hybrid buses last year which reduced fuel usage and levels of pollution released into the air. Newly purchased diesel buses also have improved pollution control technology that also reduces emissions.

New garage doors were installed last year to improve energy efficiency by separating the maintenance shop from the bus storage area that only needs to be heated to 45 degrees during the harsh winter months. Also added were sensor-activated LED lighting that turns off after a pre-set amount of time, making sure lighting is on only when needed.

Metro has also heavily promoted the use of electronic trip planning to reduce the amount of paper used in the production of schedules, maps and flyer notices. Additionally, Metro’s accounting unit is moving towards going completely paperless with new electronic database systems.

In an effort to reduce emissions further, a new Commute Card unlimited ride pass program focusing on promoting an unlimited ride program for companies across the Madison area was implemented. Over 90 businesses have signed up for the program since its inception in 2010.

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