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Name That Metro Bus 2013! Name That Metro Bus Winners!

The fourth annual “Name That Metro Bus” contest winners were unveiled at a ceremony in August.

This program was created and implemented by Metro’s Advisory Respect Group (MARG), a collection of representatives from each Metro work unit charged with finding and carrying out ways to improve employee morale and promote respect in the workplace.

The following names were installed on buses for the 2013-2014 year.

Ana Luiza, Asa Ross, Austin, Braydon, Brooke, Cooper, Emilee, Erol, Holly, Jamilah, Jeremiah, Jordan, Keianna, Latrelle, MaKayla, Olivia, Preston, Quanette, Sebastian and Zoey.

The program is based on a long standing tradition at Federal Express where the names of employees’ children are installed on company aircraft. A similar program is done on transit vehicles at the Rochester Genesee Regional Transit Authority in the New York area.

According to General Manager Chuck Kamp, adding these names to buses honors the dedication of employees to both Metro and its customers by recognizing their hard work and hours spent away from home.

Kamp described this program as a simple way to feel good about your family and the place you work.

The recently installed names will remain on buses into next summer. The MARG group plans to hold the contest again in 2014 to build on the success and popularity of the program. Another set of 20 names will be drawn for future installation on Metro vehicles.

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