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Bus Size Study Results

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Metro Transit, in cooperation with the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board- an MPO, have completed a bus size study.

The study considered the use of different size buses based on crowding or extra space on existing bus routes.

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Historically, Metro Transit has used only one standard bus size to meet the transit needs of the Madison area. The purpose of this study was to determine if Metro could use larger or smaller buses to address overcrowding, operate more efficiently, and better serve the community.

The study included an analysis of existing bus services and identified routes that, based on ridership, could warrant the use larger articulated buses or could be better served with smaller, more fuel efficient buses.

In addition, the study assessed the financial and operational impacts that could result from developing a transit fleet which features varied bus sizes and seating capacity. Finally the study makes recommendations on next steps that Madison should take as it decides whether or not to introduce vehicles of different sizes.

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