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New Camera Testing

To improve safety and security on buses, Metro is testing a new video camera system on bus #140.

This new system features a monitor mounted near the driver that displays live footage occurring on the inside of the bus. Along with this live footage, real-time schedule information and Metro marketing messages may also appear on the screen.

Metro staff will be testing features of the system through the end of 2017.

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  • Call: (608) 266-4466

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Background and Policies on Camera Use

  • Camera footage is only reviewed if there is an incident on the bus.

  • Once an incident is identified, footage is used to verify what occurred.

  • Video is used during Metro’s ongoing employee training programs.

  • Madison Police Department and Madison Metropolitan Schools have credited Metro’s cameras as a way to reduce incidents.

  • It has been proven in larger transit systems that a monitor with a live camera view helps reduce incidents even further.


  • System switches from displaying live camera feed to passenger communication messages.

  • System has an SD card back-up feature, meaning that if an issue occurs with the hard-drive, video will still be saved.

  • Video clarity is greatly improved over Metro's current system.

  • The system is integrated with GPS records which shows the vehicle's speed, location and time of day.

  • The overall system monitors the health of hard-drives and cameras on the bus, and sends automatic system statuses when maintenance is needed.

  • Memory storage is greatly increased.

  • Video can be downloaded wirelessly. Currently, hard-drives need to be physically removed from buses for video review.

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