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Rules of Conduct and Inappropriate Conduct Transit Exclusion Procedure

Metro has updated its Rules of Conduct and Inappropriate Conduct/Transit Exclusion Procedure.

Specifically, Metro's weapons policy has been updated to reflect the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision that now allows concealed weapons on buses.

frequently asked questions

What is Metro’s policy regarding weapons on buses?

Metro’s policy bans all weapons on buses unless allowed by state law. In Wisconsin Carry, Inc. v. City of Madison, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Metro may no longer ban weapons that state law specifically allows in vehicles, such as firearms carried by someone licensed under the state’s concealed carry statute. If you have questions about this law, or whether you are personally allowed to bring a weapon on the bus, Metro encourages you to consult an attorney.

When does new policy go into effect?

June 1, 2017. However, as noted above, portions of Metro Transit’s weapons policy have been unenforceable since the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision in Wisconsin Carry, Inc. v. City of Madison, which was issued on March 7, 2017.

Is Metro going to challenge the Supreme Court’s decision?

No. Metro succeeded in defending its weapons policy in the Circuit Court and Court of Appeals, but the Wisconsin Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Court of Appeals. The City has no way of appealing the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision.

Will drivers conceal carry?


What should passengers do if they see a weapon?

Passengers should inform their driver if they see a weapon on board.

Can you conceal carry on school routes?

Metro does not have official school routes. This law applies to all Metro buses including those that operate Metro’s supplemental school service.

Can adults ride school routes?

By federal law, all Metro service is open to all passengers. Passengers of all ages are welcome to board any bus including Metro’s supplemental school service routes.

Can a person bring a weapon into Metro’s office buildings?

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling applies only to its buses. Weapons are still prohibited in in all Metro buildings, including at its bus shelters and transfer points.

Does this apply to paratransit service?

This law applies to all vehicles owned by Metro Transit. This would include Metro’s paratransit vans.

Does this apply to Metro’s contracted paratransit service providers?

Metro’s contracted paratransit service providers are private companies. As private companies they are allowed to set their own polices. A decision to ban weapons would be up to that company.


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