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Route 13

Saturday, June 16
Start of service until 8:00 p.m.

Due to the Juneteenth event, the Route 13 will not serve Buick & Fisher St.

The 13 bus via UW Campus will continue down Park St. and detour onto Beld St.

Heading to the South Transfer Point, the Route 13 will continue on W. Badger Rd. from E. Rusk.

Passengers may board at stop #0894 on E. Rusk at N. Rusk or stops along Park St. and Koster St.

Milwaukee St. Detour Rotue 33

Middleton Service Disruptions

Due to flooding, buses are unable to serve all Middleton stops WEST of the Beltline Hwy. Catch buses on Parmenter. 

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