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For more information, please contact Jessy Stammer at (608) 266-6545 or


Getting Started

  1. Contact Jessy Stammer to receive an application. Applications can be filled out electronically.
  2. Applications will be processed and employers will be sent agreement/contract forms that must be signed and return via mail.
  3. Commute Card passes and a signed copy of the agreement will be delivered as soon as possible. At that point, all cards will be activated and ready for employee use.



Private employers, public agencies, non-profit organizations and federal government agencies can all take advantage of the Commute Card program.

State employees are offered Commuter Benefits through the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) and a third-party administrator, TASC. Although the names are similar, this program is completely separate from Metro's Commute Card Program. If you are a state employee, we encourage you to contact ETF or TASC for more information on available transportation benefits.


Rate and Transfers

The rate is $1.40 per ride. Each time your employee boards a Metro bus, one ride is recorded. This means that if an employee needs to transfer, a new ride will be recorded at the $1.40 rate. If you have employees that require transfers to get to their destinations, other options are available including purchasing an unlimited-ride 31 day pass or 10-ride cards. Contact the Metro representative for additional information.



Businesses are responsible for running the program internally. It is up to you and your organization as to how you’d like to implement the program. It is also the organizations responsibility to maintain a current list of employees and their corresponding card numbers. Monthly invoices will show only the serial number and the amount of rides/cost per card. Billing runs about a month behind due to the lengthy process of probing fare box information on each Metro bus.



All passes can be easily deactivated online. Once the pass is deactivated, we ask that you destroy the card. If a pass is believed to be lost or stolen, deactivate it immediately; we have had incidents of fraud. There is no deactivation fee. Extra passes will be given to you at the time of sign-up, so please don’t be afraid to deactivate and start using a new card. Additional cards can be given to you at any time. If an employee is leaving during the middle of a month, current activity on the pass can be given to you prior to their last paycheck.



Metro Transit is more than happy to meet with you and your organization at any time. We are available for “lunch and learn”, seminars, and questions. We also have informational flyers and brochures. Moreover, Metro has many tools available to help make traveling transit easy. Riders can plan their trips on Google Maps, and download real-time data applications. Also, riders can contact our customer service representatives at 608-266-4466 for trip planning and miscellaneous help.


Emergency Service

The Guaranteed Ride Home service provides commuters who regularly vanpool, carpool, bicycle, walk, or take transit with a reliable ride home when one of life’s unexpected emergencies arises.

This is an OPTIONAL service provided through Rideshare, which is separate from Metro Transit. You’ll need to register for this service directly with Rideshare.


For more information, contact Jessy Stammer at 608-266-6545 or



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