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Photo I.D. Required for Student/ Employment Pass Use

To help prevent fraudulent use of unlimited ride passes, please be prepared to present a employment/school I.D. upon driver request.

ID’s are NOT required to use 31-day passes, 10-ride cards, or to board FREE Routes 80-84 on the University of Wisconsin campus. Check the back of your pass to verify whether there is a work/school ID requirement.

Please remember the following when traveling with your unlimited ride pass:

  • Your pass has been issued directly to you by your school, campus or employer.

  • Pass users must have a school, campus, or employment photo ID ready at all times for user verification upon driver request.

  • Your school, campus or employer has entered into the an agreement with the City of Madison to pay for each ride that is registered on your pass.

  • Passes sold on online auction sites such as eBay or CraigsList are considered fraudulent and are routinely flagged as improper postings.

  • Passes on auction sites and/or are reported or otherwise found to be fraudulent are immediately deactivated. Deactivated passes are confiscated by drivers.

  • Passes confiscated by drivers are sent back to the campus or business issuing the pass and are not returned to the passenger. Go to your school or employer for your pass replacement.

  • Fraudulent use of passes may prevent you from being issued future passes from your school, campus or employer.

  • Fraudulent use of passes drives up costs to your school, campus or employer and jeopardizes future offerings of the pass program.


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