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On Monday, May 23, Metro held a press conference announcing new innovations in electronic trip planning.

Metro trip planning information is now available in Google Maps.

In addition, Metro is now partnering with third party programmers to promote smart phone apps that show bus GPS location information.

Mayor Paul Soglin, Transit and Parking Commission Chair Gary Poulson, a phone app designer and a representative from Google attended the event.


These new innovations make it easier and more environmentally friendly to ride the bus than ever before. Google trip planning information is available in multiple languages including Spanish and there is also an interface that is easily accessible by screen reader devices used by the visually impaired.

Staff hope that these new innovations will help attract new riders as well as encourage a movement away from the use of paper schedules.

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Metro staff also announced that its transit schedule data is also now publicly available for use by third
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Execessive Heat Warning

Cooling buses will be stationed at all Metro transfer points from approx. 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM this evening.
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