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Designer of the Madison Flag

Long before his career at Metro Transit began, Dennis Stone, his brother Rick and their color guard instructor, John Price, designed the Madison flag at their family’s kitchen table in 1962.

Dennis was only fifteen years old at the time, just beginning high school as a freshman. He was also an active member of the Madison Drum and Bugle Corps.

The guard used to march and compete against rival teams such as Milwaukee and Chicago, who always had their own city flags. Dennis and his brother always wanted Madison to have their own as well, so they drafted the design we see on the flag today.

The flag – light blue, white, and gold – symbolizes the isthmus and its two lakes, along with the Capitol in the center.

Wisconsin State Journal, 1962
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The final design was approved in April of 1962 for use in their color guard troop, and was soon displayed in the Mayor’s office and the Municipal building.

To this day, Dennis has received very few critiques on the original design. He is surprised that it has never been updated before – after all, the original image and design is over fifty years old!

Dennis continues to fly the flag at home (except for Packer game days, of course), and he is surprised and flattered to see it featured at more and more Madison buildings and events. One year, it was even displayed on national television at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, where Dennis’ son, a member of the Corps at the time, marched it proudly through the streets of New York City.

While it has been ranked as one of the best designed amongst municipal flags, Dennis remains humble when it comes to his part in its creation. He attributes most of the credit to his brother and former color guard instructor.

Dennis has been a driver at Metro for more than 32 years. He primarily operates UW Campus routes and enjoys his daily interaction with students.

Metro Transit congratulates Dennis for his many contributions to the City of Madison.

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