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Metro has adjusted service in the Monroe St. area due to street construction.

Westbound buses now detour from Monroe, while eastbound buses remain on regular route on Monroe, but do detour from Breese Terrace. Learn more.

A special shuttle is operating on weekends and holidays to maintain service in the area.

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Monroe St. Shuttle Service
Now in Effect

To maintain service to the Monroe St. area on weekends and holidays, Metro will operate a shuttle between Breese Terrace and the West Transfer Point.

The shuttle provides:

  • Direct Route 7 service from the east side.
  • Service from Monroe St. to the West Transfer Point.

Map and Schedule


Routes 3, 7 and 58 - Westbound Detours
Now in Effect

Due to construction, westbound Routes 3, 7 (via Monroe) and 58 detour from the area. Sign up for detour email/text alerts!

Westbound buses detour to Speedway, Toepfer and Tokay.

This is a westbound detour only. All eastbound buses continue to serve Monroe St. for the duration of the project. However, eastbound Routes 3 and 58 do detour from Breese Terrace - map and details.


Now in Effect

Westbound Route 19 buses detour to Campus, Highland, Speedway and Glenway St., then back to regular route on Monroe and Nakoma Rd.

Detour Maps

easTBOUND temporary stops

All eastbound buses remain on regular route on Monroe St. See temporary stop locations.

School Dodger Bus Stops

Hamilton school dodgers will also serve the eastbound temporary stops on Monroe St., except for the stop on the corner of Oakland Ave. All passengers wishing to board near Oakland Ave. can board at existing stops at the Regent and Breese intersection (look for blue bus stop signs).

Dodgers will also continue to serve all stops along Commonwealth Ave., including Stop #2480 near Monroe.

news & updates

Updated: Tuesday, September 4

  • Eastbound Routes 3 and 58 have returned to Breese Terrace.
  • As construction progresses, eastbound stops on Monroe street may shift to their permanent locations.

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