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The Brookings Institution recently released a new report showing more than 75 percent of all jobs in the largest 100 metropolitan regions of the U.S. are located in areas served by transit. But those transit options rarely are optimal for most workers. Only 27 percent of all workers can access these jobs on transit within 90 minutes. Meaning that 73 percent of the total workforce population have over and hour and a half transit commute to get to work.

In this same report, Metro was ranked 5th in the nation for labor access rate. In Madison, about 48.2% of all workers are able to reach their jobs within 90 minutes. Adie Tomer, a senior research associate at Brookings and author of the report, attributes good rankings with suburban accessability and suburb to suburb connections, like running specific shuttle services from jobs to surburban centers.

An example of Metro's success at suburban connection is the recent implementation of Route 75 service, which expanded how much of the transit service area can be reached from the Epic Campus (and other typical jobs in Verona) in 90 minutes total time. 

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