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According to the 2013 AAA Driving Cost Study, the average American car owner will spend $9,100 annually on their vehicle. Topping the list are SUV owners, which spend an average of $0.77 per mile, or a total of $11,600 a year.

The report states, "If you commute to work by car, figure about $61 in total vehicle expenses per 100 miles. If that seems like a lot, driving a more fuel-efficient model or using public transportation options could save you money."

  • Download AAA 2013 Driving Costs brochure to calculate how much money you could save annually by switching to public transportation.


Metro offers many fare options to lessen these costs, including 10-Ride Cards, 31-Day unlimited passes, and the Commute Card employer pass program.

The Commute Card is an efficient and effective way for businesses and organizations to take advantage of tax benefits, provide a valuable service to your employees, reduce on-site parking issues, and support a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Calculate your cost savings with Metro Transit:

 $58 / month
 $1.25 / ride
 $1.50 / ride
  • Base Fare
 $2.00 / ride

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