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Metro is in the testing stage of bus shelter refurbishment project started last year. The refurbishing plans include the addition of new roofs equipped with solar powered LED lighting and ensuring that a bench is available at every shelter location.

Back in 2011, Metro received a $5 million federal grant intended to put Americans back to work, repairing, rebuilding and modernizing the nation’s transit infrastructure. Money received from this grant is being used to refurbish around 75 existing shelters across the Metro service area with these improvements.

Riders will be able to activate the solar powered LED lighting with a push of a button. Lighting will remain on for 10 minutes. A prototype has been installed at westbound stop #1650 located on E. Washington Ave. and Ingersoll St., diagonally across the street from Metro’s maintenance facility.

Benches have been installed at nearly all shelter locations. Benches are expected to be available at every shelter by Spring 2013.

New roofs and solar-powered lighting are expected to installed in shelters in 2014.

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