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Update on Proposed Changes

Staff have tentatively delayed proposed changes to paratransit service.

As discussed in a public hearing in October 2017, Metro is expecting the loss of $3.9 million in federal funding normally passed through by Dane County to help fund paratransit services.

With this funding no longer directly available, staff have proposed several changes to existing service.

One of these changes is still proposed to go into effect this year. Others will be revisited in 2019.

Staff will be discussing these proposals with new transportation oversight commission in the comming months.


Proposed Implementation - 2018
  • Leave Attended” service discontinued.
Proposed Implementation - 2019
  • Fare increase to $4.00
  • Service becomes primarily “curb-to-curb” rather than “door-to-door.”
  • Fares become cash only. The use of green convenience tickets will be discontinued. Blue paper tickets will be available for passengers whose rides are provided by a service agency.
Important Notes:
  • Ride funding has not disappeared. The administration of the funding is being moved from Dane County to Family Care, IRIS, and Family Care Partnership agencies.
  • Metro has no plans to discontinue paratransit service. Metro is required by the ADA to offer paratransit service to those unable to use its fixed-route bus system.
  • Paper agency tickets will be available to riders arranging transportation through Family Care, IRIS or other service agencies.
  • Door-to-door service will still be available to riders that need this type of service due to their disability.
  • Riders are encouraged to contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dane County (ADRC) to see what programs might be available to best serve their needs.

    Call: (608) 240-7400

If you would like a Metro staff person to visit your group or organization to discuss these proposals, please call (608) 266-4466 or email


Are you arranging transportation with a Family Care organization?

If so, please remember the following:

  1. All rides that have already been scheduled will be honored including standing rides.

  2. Standing rides will remain in place until they’ve been cancelled or changed.

  3. There is no need to rebook an existing ride. Call (608) 266-4466 to confirm and or review what rides are set up for each individual.

  4. The only thing that will change is who or what agency is paying for the ride.

  5. All riders need to be ready with either cash fare or a paper ticket.

  6. If there are questions about Family Care, contact the ADRC at (608) 240-7400 or

give feedback
  • Call: (608) 266-4466

Written comments can also be mailed to:

Metro Transit - Paratransit Service Change Comments
1245 E. Washington Ave., Suite 201
Madison WI 53703

more information

For more information, see a list of Frequently Asked Questions available here.

Metro Transit: (608) 266-4466; E-mail: