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Any individual with a disability, who is unable to board, ride or disembark from any accessible vehicle on a fixed-route system without the assistance of another individual (excluding the operator of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device).

Any individual with a disability who needs the assistance of a wheelchair lift or other boarding device and is able, with operator assistance, to board, ride, and disembark from any vehicle which is readily accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities if the individual wants to travel on a route on the system during the hours of operation of the system at a time, or within a reasonable period of such time, when an accessible vehicle is not being used to provide designated public service on that route.

This category addresses the fact that the fixed-route system was not always accessible to persons with disabilities. Temporary ADA eligible status was granted on non-accessible routes. As the fixed-route system is now accessible, any person found eligible under this paragraph are expected to utilize the system.

An individual with a disability who has a specific impairment-related condition which prevents the individual from traveling to or from a fixed-route bus stop.

A condition which makes traveling to or from a bus stop more difficult for a person with a specific impairment-related condition than for an individual who does not have the conditions, but does not prevent the travel, is not a basis for eligibility under this paragraph.

The specific impairment-related condition must prevent the person from using the fixed-route system. Conditions which make getting to or from a bus stop more difficult or less comfortable do not confer eligibility.

Architectural barriers not under the control of the transit provider to remove, e.g., curb cuts, and environmental barriers, e.g., distance terrain and weather, do not, when considered alone, confer eligibility.

If, however, travel to or from a bus stop is impossible when combined with the person’s specific impairment-related condition, paratransit service must be provided.
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