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Need an alternative to Metro's Paratransit service?

Try a Group Access Ride!

Where do they go?

  • Congregate meal sites
  • Grocery/general shopping
  • Farmers' Markets
  • Pharmacies
  • Libraries

Who is eligible?

Madison/Middleton/Monona adults who live in their own homes or apartments. You must be:

  • Aged 60 or over, or
  • Have a physical or sensory disability

 * SERVICE NOTE: Those living in Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs), Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCACs), and nursing homes are not eligible for this service.

How much does it cost?

  • Meal trips: $0.50
  • Shopping Trips: $1.00

 * No one is denied service to meals sites due to inability to pay.

More Details:

  • This is a scheduled, routed, group service.
  • Demand service is not available.
  • Routes are neighborhood-based in Metro Transit service area and Middleton
  • All service is door-to-door
  • All vehicles are accessible
  • Medical trips are not provided

Call your local senior coalition for complete information:

East Madison/Monona Senior Coalition: (608) 223-3100

Middleton Senior Center: (608) 831-2373

North/Eastside Senior Coalition: (608) 243-5252

South Madison Coalition of the Elderly: (608) 251-8405

West Madison Senior Center: (608) 238-7368


Due to a software upgrade, some of Metro's bus tracking smartphone apps are not currently available.

Bus tracking data is now available using Metro's Transit Tracker, the Transit App, Moovit, and Mad Next Bus.

Other apps are expected to be available later in the week.
Metro Transit: (608) 266-4466; E-mail: