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Be Ready

Be ready at least five minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. Have your fare ready.

Missed Rides

If you miss a return ride, another ride will be sent as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee when that ride will arrive.

You will recieve a “no-show” postcard if you are not ready to go or you miss your ride. Suspension of service can result.

Reporting Late Rides

There is a twenty minute window before a ride is considered late. Wait twenty minutes after the requested pick-up time before calling in to report a late ride.


Driver Rules/Responsibilities

  • Drivers may not assist passengers up steps.

  • Drivers may carry only one small package with ‘door-to-door’service.

  • Drivers may refuse to assist or transport a passenger if they determine the situation jeopardizes the driver’s or passenger’s safety.

Inclement Weather

During inclement weather, Metro may take you to an alternate location if your destination is not accessible due to snow or ice. Return transportation will be provided once the snow or ice is cleared.

Oversized Mobility Devices

Metro does not guarantee service to riders using a mobility device that exceeds the minimum dimensions required by the ADA.

  • 30” in width – 48” in length

  • a minimum design load of 600 pounds when occupied

Service Providers

Your service provider may change during the course of the day.

  1. Be sure the driver is ready to assist you before approaching the lift or ramp.

  2. Follow the instructions given by the driver.

  3. If you use a wheelchair, make sure it is properly tied down and the brakes are on.

  4. If you use a power wheelchair, turn off the power after it has been secured.

  5. Passengers are responsible for fastening their seatbelts. Ask for assistance if you have difficulty.


Metro may suspend or refuse service to anyone who willfully:

  • Abuses the policies of Metro

  • Exhibits disregard for his/her own safety, the driver, or that of other customers

  • Interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle.
Metro Transit: (608) 266-4466; E-mail: