City of


A tree is a monster with very tiny legs,

but it is so heavy that it fell to the ground,

and it's trying to reach everywhere

- Chayton Xavier Marquis / Chavez Elementary School


From Camp Randall to WidMer, and from the bike tires to the trees

Seeing all the people going places and thinking “you're nothing like me!”

Then I remember “we’re all Badgers fans!!!”

- Katherine Walsh / Our Lady Queen of Peace


You might know my
name not my story so
get to know before you
judge me <3

- Jada Shaw

My Madison is my sanctuary.

Even in February. Beautiful city dark or light, biking in the summer’s night; it gives me a sense of flight.

Never fright for Madison can be your sanctuary too.

Even in February.

- Cody Harrington / Shabazz


Oh City of Shimmering Lakes

Thronged streets of hurried cells

Spin spider webs of sights and smells

Like an insect, I scurry through your concrete veins

Catch me in your snare, oh city of shimmering lakes.

- Indigo Smith-Oles / Shabazz


In Madison I Learned…

How to ride the bus.

Everyday is “Hippie” Christmas on earth.

Bok choy, kale, sunchoke.

To freeze peppers.

To just dry sage in a drawer.

- Matthew Stolte


On the bike path home, fleeing

downtown lights and pre-holiday terror,

I meet just one other December cyclist,

an urban cowgirl under four layers and a helmet.

We love each other suddenly, without looking up.

- Cathy Douglas


you all at some point, may have noticed that in the fall

leaves begin to hit the pavement

the last leaf i saw was also the last day i saw


really, i must say, that i adored the way she modified my mornings

- Alex de Young


Hourglass Figure

The Isthmus sucks in her breath like my grandmother cinching a corset:

East Wash zipping up the back of her dress, the Capitol her belt buckle;

Spreading her skirts from shore to shore, Wingra a grandchild asleep in her lap.

- Maya Lea


bus coughs icy smoke

wheelchair rolls up drawbridge

thin colored plastic

- Lewis Bosworth


Late November

Lake Monona is a gray slab of clay that has eaten the sky

or perhaps the gray sky has drunk the lake--

neither seems willing to give the other up

and I do not know whether to swim

or fly or simply give way to winter

- Guy Thorvaldsen


Evening Commute

Reflected in monochrome bus-night windows.

Tired countenances

Floating on the day’s undertow.

- Jo Scheder


Walking my dog

along the Monona Bay

the coots are still there


- Cyndi Bryan


Mom is Home!

Soon my boys, if you help me clear and set the table

There will be a jingle of keys,

"Mom is home!" we'll shout

Our moods, low hanging fog patches lifting

Like Cherokee at sunrise

- Alex Lalor


Your lights love me back in the middle of a brittle October night.

You are my hot yoga on a snowy day, the bike ride into the wind of all directions,

The flight into my best and bravest reality.

- Helen Hazelmare



 My Dear Madison,

Of Seventy Seven Square Miles,

Just What Surrounds You?

- Will Clifton



Our Lady of Badgers

where the waters gather

past the present future forward

Blessed are your resources

on Earth, as there is no second.

- Hansa Kerman Pistotnik


On Route #70

At Strickner Pond the water slows

To dance with the sun on lily toes,

And reeds and grasses spread to close

On dappled paths of green repose.

- John Guequierre


doors open outward -

a new world - lean in, step down

you've arrived - bus stop

- Katie Robiadek

Route 5-7-5

Protesters & Profs
Patchouli & Kale. Oh, my
Mad Metro Transit.

- Michelle V. Bright

Metro Transit: (608) 266-4466; E-mail: